#thinkaboutnoise is a blog about the “voices” of monsters, puppets, cyborgs, robots, machines, devices, migrants, mudbloods, and other hybrid and questionable creatures; about the soundtrack of daily life and the books and bands that make existence bearable; about that which we are taught to ignore. It is also a blog about being American, a woman, an immigrant, a student, a working-class kid, a pedestrian in Chicago. The Pinocchios that I am interested in and all the clanking they produce as they run down a stone-paved street in search of self-determination, those creatures I perceive as a kind of technology of destabilization, an intervention of reality that disrupts the idyllic flow of things and reminds us humans of the artificial character of civilization (thanks, Ortega y Gasset) but also of its incommensurable beauty. Those creatures and the worlds they inhabit reverberate through the pages of this blog, its prejudiced writing and rhythmic prose.


Ana Ilievska